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Clipitpatches are fashionable and collectible with unique clip

Wear ClipitPatch in many ways and help show awareness of the endangered species and the environment.

  • Clipit anywhere to show “fashion for awareness” and easy identification of belongings.
  • Clipit to anything and change up your style and show awareness
  • Clipit to complement the design of your purse, or handbag to change the look.
  • Clipit to your luggage, backpack or notepad case for easy identification.
  • Clipit to complement your apparel outfit on a pant pocket or cuff
  • Clipit to keys for easy location.
  • 3 in 1 special design with a twill backing clips using embedded clip, clasp or split ring.

#106 Snow Lepard

Through our extensive creative partner network, we provide you with superior designed products.

Wholesale to museums, Zoos, National Parks, Aquariums.

In addition, we provide custom designs for non-profit fund raising and corporate branding campaigns.

We care about promoting a positive awareness for endangered species and our environment including addressing homelessness cases.

We donate a percentage of profits toward helping endangered species and homelessness causes. clipitpatch is a brand and trademark of KES patch jeans, all rights reserved.  Patent pending.